Austin OliverFrom Clapham, London, UK

I can honestly say they are the best aid in helping weight loss. So far lost 2 stones and I'm still going. I don't know why you wouldn't keep going with them all the way to your weight loss goal so you can just eat what you want.

Cassandra KennyFrom York

They cut down your appetite big time and they give you tons of energy.

Axel BuxtonFrom London, UK

Helped me to not put on any weight when I know I was over eating, instead I was loosing.

Andy EnriquezFrom Cardiff

I lost 1 lbs per day for as long as I was taking them

Edna HarrisFrom Bristol

I would 100% recommend to anyone needing a day-time refuel! Or to shred quick!

Lawrence HoldingFrom Glasgow

I recommend these over all others, especially for the price you can't really go wrong.

Aurora WhitfieldFrom Leeds

works like a charm.

Jayde OrozcoFrom Manchester

I have been taking one of these every morning since I got them and have noticed a marked increase in my ability to concentrate and also in how hard I push myself in my morning workout. Really helping me to shred down.

Gertrude IbarraFrom Newcastle

10/10 works great!!!!

Olivier LevineFrom Devon

This seems to have made a difference by giving me an energy boost and making me feel more mentally alert. I now look forward to my workouts and don't feel so zapped out.

Giles DavidsonFrom London, UK

Real fuel, its great, it gives my an incredible amount of energy, I feel really buzzed after taking my first pack of the day. You can actually feel it working.

Abbi GilesFrom London, UK

Absolute life saver

Ubaid DeanFrom Oxford

Fantastic. I have loads of energy and feel great. Best weight loss I have ever used.

Jameel HaynesFrom Belfast

So greatful to have come across this product. Have lost 2kgs in 2 weeks. Feeling confident and looking forward to showing off my progress this spring.

Bobbi OconnorFrom Brixton, London, UK

This has worked well for me and I only take 3 per day with my lunch as I had it as my biggest meal, some disrupted sleep but got used to it.

Eesa HaighFrom Salisbury

If you eat healthy low fat meals etc then you will not notice anything really. However, if you splurge and eat a meal which contains a lot of fats and sugars to get your ‘bliss point’ fix, then you will see how these work, to remove bloating and block

Eliana FoleyFrom Devon, UK

Have been using these for 2 months and they have helped me lose 20 pounds sticking with my normal eating patterns.

Raj MeltonFrom Hampshire, UK

Within in 2 weeks I noticed the difference, I wasent weighing myself regularly but I noticed the difference when my clothing became looser and I just felt really slimmed down.

Milan SosaFrom Birmingham UK

I have a slow metabolism so losing weight for me had always been a struggle, but these gummies really give me the boost that I need.

Jean BarrFrom London, UK


Angelina CashFrom London, UK

just once a day as i only eat twice a day and usually fruit and cereal for one meal it works really quickly for me like not eating anything at all

Vinay FerrellFrom Jakarta

they have seriously helped me so far I've lost 60LBS in weight /couldn't have done it without the help of these they are so easy to take

Kason BarnardFrom London

I lost 9lbs in around 5-6 days This is all I needed to lose. I was 9.13 st

Chardonnay PriceFrom Nottingham

I think that this product works well. I do not seem to be as hungry.

Lexi ButlerFrom London, UK

I’ve been taking for a few days now and I’ve lost around 4 pounds in weight. Gives me so much more energy.

Michael GibbonsFrom London, UK

They came super fast, nice and clean and they definitely work. Wish i found these sooner tbh

Marta WrightFrom Summerset

For me half a pack is enough just to make sure I am consistently loosing.

Osman LevyFrom VA, Canada

Have been using consistently for 2 weeks and got to my goal weight, will for sure keep a stash at home to make sure I do not put back on the weight.

Sammie McfernFrom London

Worked so well helps suppress hunger between meals I have lost 2 stone using these.

Amy LeeFrom London

Best weight loss product if your to lazy to cut down on eating.

Paige clarkFrom London

I dont have much time for the gym or healthy eating so I took the plunge and bought these pills. To my shock after a few weeks of taking them I have noticed a huge difference to the way my body looks and now can't wait to see what a good training program

Miranda LippmanFrom Midland Road

Im skinny now !

Jared RidleyFrom London

Have used these before as part off oof a quick fix for dieting and food suppression and worked quite well was only using sample packs now have bought what will be a full course will see if it maintains it full potential

Pagen AndrewsFrom Essex, London

These will make you sweat and if abused will increase your HR dangerously high.. I tried My proteins version and they dont have 1/4 the effects these do.Good for energy but didnt really curb my appetite that much

Ryan ScottsFrom Newcastle

Best I've used, train, watch your diet works wonders. Hydrate well and results will follow. I take intermittently because it gives me headaches but I use the tub them have a break. Smashed 2 mudstacle courses by shedding from these.

Helier CanwellFrom Toledo, Ohio, USA

works well for me. Possibly placebo as unfortunately as with most supplements unless you have your own lab you can't text too much to see how well they work

Kelly EdwardsFrom Pen State

using these for 2 months now, I’ve lost 2 Stone and 5lbs These aren’t like the other fad diet tablets they actually work!! 100% recommend

Daniel SinghFrom Melbourne, Australia

So happy I chose to take a stab at something new! I was starting to feel that I was putting on weight with my clothes getting tighter, I don't have time to exercise constantly, while I was taking these I didn't exercise but I consistently lost weight.

Kate J.From Massachusetts, US

I totally adore Zealous weekly sweet pack! I have tried all sorts to loose weight over 10 years. Its awesome to find something that really works and you can see and feel the effects.

Julie OliverFrom Woking United Kingdom

For a long time I struggled with weight loss. No combination of diet or exercise worked. I tried a variety of supplements- I would lose a few pounds but all it took was one day of down time to gain it all back. After all the failures, I landed on the gum

Emma MccombFrom Hollywood LA

Just started using it....and boy is it amazing. Not feeling hungry at all...infact I have to remind myself to eat. And here's the good part, you feel like you have loads of energy at your disposal....really boosted my workouts. I would recommend this to a

Kaylee MacdonaldFrom Austin, Texas

No idea how some people are saying these don't work - maybe if they already drink a lot of energy drinks and coffee.

Tiya MorenoFrom Maryland

It didn't work immediately like it says but within 3 days I started dropping weight

Crystal MillerFrom Bath

brought this not really believing it would work for me since NOTHING ever has. I have Endometriosis which is a autoimmune disease and hormonal imbalance. Since I've had this illness (many years) I have not been able lose weight and keep it off. My Medica

Perez EstelleFrom Clapham

lately I've had trouble losing weight and I started taking these 2 days ago and I've already lost 5 pounds!! I'm sure it's just water weight but I'm feeling so great about it because no matter what I did the scale would not move!!! I never do these revie

SAndra WatsonFrom Battersea

The skinny quick gummie has really helped me to lose weight. Its really simple and automatic and I cant recommend it highly enough

Rebecca MarshallFrom Marble Arch, London

Does what it says on the box

Keira From Edgware, London

I am not a cardio type of person who can run endless miles on treadmills etc.(my knees will never last.) Been on it 3 weeks now and I now weigh in at 94.5kg. This product has made me stop snacking ALOT!!!!!!

Nikki GuyFrom Thornton

Great product for boosting metabolism

Kim JoyFrom Hong Kong

Personally, these worked for me. I did 1 month of losing weight without them and I lost 10 lbs.

Meredith PrewFrom California

Guess what? It actually works!

Evelyn MalfordFrom LA

I am really happy with my results from them so far. I began taking them with the hope to lose fat and tone up and I've managed to drop from 139 llbs to 126 within 6 weeks with the help of these fat burners and cardio,

JordanFrom London, UK

This is exactly what I've been looking for for I hate taking pills and so many of these things just make you poop but this gives me so much energy!

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