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Your Macro - Nutrient Diet Plan

Here we will calculate your
► Basal Metabolic rate (BMR)
► Total Daily energy Expenditure (TDEE)

At Zealous health we do not prescribe to typical strict meal plans or restrictions that can feel like a punishment, what we do know is that you want to see results, quickly!

Though Skinny quick is here to help you understand your body your metabolism and your needs, some people simply have a lower metabolic rate in such case we can help you get down to a weight your comfortable with, others have a lively metabolism and can use skinny quick to prevent any unwanted bloating.

Going through these calculations will help you to understand how many calories are needed by the body to maintain current body weight, which can then be adjusted to match your goals or weight maintenance or loss.

Its important not to take these numbers as a judgement on yourself but as more of a guidance as to why it seems you are always trying but not achieving your fitness goals.

For example, a female weighing 140lbs with a goal to lose fat, who does not train and works at a desk job, is not going to have the same macro-nutrient breakdown as someone working as a fitness instructor. Protein intake will be lower, fat levels much higher and carbohydrates very low.

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